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Getting Started


Getting Started with Printer Gateway is an easy and straight forward process.

Our process is as follows:


Step: 1 Online Registration

Register as a Printer Gateway Authorized Reseller by creating an account

Place an Order

Step: 2 Place an Order

Place an order from our webstore or by using our custom upload tool. Watch this video to become better familiar with our website and ordering process.


Step: 3 Shipping

Pick up, Delivery or Blind Ship your order to your client.

Unfair Advantage

Step: 4 Unfair Advantage

Repeat step 2 and 3 as many times as you possibly can and experience the unfair advantage Printer Gateway delivers to over 7,000 resellers nation wide.


Thank you again for choosing Printer Gateway Inc., as your trusted trade print provider and we look forward to helping you expand and grow!

Please make a point to come in for a tour, we always welcome our resellers and appreciate putting a face to the name. At Printer Gateway, we still believe and embrace relationships with our clients and hope to see you soon.

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